10 Home Hacks We Wish We Knew Sooner

Dated: November 3 2020

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10 Home Hacks We Wish We Knew Sooner

Let’s be honest: Cleaning and organizing is tedious. While necessary, there’s no reason to spend

hours getting your home in tip-top shape. These 10 home hacks will save you time and


1. Use Desk Organizers to Declutter Your Pantry

The pantry is one of the first places to become a cluttered mess in your home. If you have old

desk organizers lying around, you can use them to keep spices, jars, and bags organized.

Hang them on the door or organize them neatly on shelves to bring order to your pantry.

2. Remove Water Marks with Toothpaste

No matter how diligent you are at protecting your furniture, there will always be that one

person who forgets to use a coaster. Water marks aren’t always easy to prevent, but they can

be removed with something you already have in your home: toothpaste. You’ll need white toothpaste for this job, so

leave the gel pastes in the medicine cabinet. Scrub gently with a toothbrush, and don’t scrub for too long (you don’t

want to ruin the finish). The water mark should lighten or disappear quickly.

3. Lift Spilled Candle Wax with Steam or Ice

Spilled candle wax doesn’t have to mean expensive repairs. If you spilled wax on carpeting or fabric furniture, place a

paper bag over the wax and go over it with a steam iron. The steam will lift the wax and cause it to cling to the bag

instead of the fabric. For wax spills on furniture, place a plastic bag filled with ice cubes over the wax and allow it to

sit for a few minutes. Once the wax has thoroughly cooled, it will be easy to remove without damaging your furniture.

4. Remove Crayon Marks with a Blow Dryer

Kids will be kids. Sometimes, adults will be kids at heart. No matter the reason for the crayon

marks on your walls, you can easily remove them with a simple blow dryer. Just heat the crayon marks with the dryer

to soften the wax and then wipe them away with a clean cloth.

5. Use a Squeegee to Remove Pet Hair

Vacuuming does a great job of removing pet hair, but it always feels like there’s hair left

behind. Even if you don’t have pets, we can all agree that vacuums can’t suck up everything.

Enter the humble squeegee. As crazy as it may sound, squeegee-ing carpet is a thing, and it

works very well at removing hidden hair, dirt, and other things you didn’t know were hiding in

your carpet.

6. Banish Microwave Odors with Vinegar

Microwave odors are notoriously hard to get rid of. Harness the odor-busting power of vinegar

by heating one cup of water mixed with a few tablespoons of water in the microwave for a few

minutes. Make sure that you use a microwave-safe bowl.

7. Clean Your Blinds with Tongs

Blinds may give you privacy, but they’re one of the most frustrating things in your home to

clean. If the vacuum or duster isn’t cutting it, try using towel-wrapped tongs to rid your blinds

of dust. Dish towels work best. Secure them to your tongs with rubber bands and dust away.

8. Use Stick-On LEDs for Easy Under-Cabinet Lighting

Want a quick kitchen hack that will instantly add value to your home and make cooking prep a breeze? Install under-

cabinet lighting. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get this trendy home hack. Use stick-on LEDs to bring light

to your countertops. These lights use an adhesive to stick to the bottom of your cabinets, so there’s no need for

complicated, messy installation. Puck lights and tape lights are available, so you can choose a style that meets your

needs and budget.

9. Use Shoe Organizers to Organize Closets

Repurpose shoe organizers to store and organize pantry essentials, crafting supplies, and more.

The pockets are also great for organizing stray power and charging cords scattered throughout

the house. They’re easy to install, and they come in a wide range of sizes.

10. Heat Aromatic Spices to Make Your Home Smell Fresh

Want to make your home smell fresh without expensive air fresheners? Heat a pot of water and

aromatic spices to instantly make your home smell warm and welcoming. Cloves, cinnamon,

vanilla, and orange peels work great for simmering scents. These are ten home hacks that we wish we knew sooner.

What home hacks do you wish others knew?

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