How Much Storage Do You Need in Your Kitchen?

Dated: February 16 2021

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Yes, Kitchen Storage is Important, and People Want More of It

Kitchen storage can be a hot-button issue for some homeowners. Some are staunch believers that less is more, while others envision entire walls full of cabinets. A new 2021 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study found that those storage lovers may be gaining ground. Kitchen storage was a top priority among the more than 2,000 surveyed homeowners renovating their homes. 

More Storage = Better Organization

Houzz’s trend survey found that many homeowners are either refacing or replacing their kitchen cabinets. Some are adding more pantry space (1 in 8 added walk-in pantries), while others (nearly half) are upgrading theirs. 

Why are so many homeowners concerned about kitchen storage? Because so many are spending more time at home cooking meals due to the pandemic. More storage – or, rather, smarter storage – allows for a more organized kitchen that’s easier to work in.

According to Houzz’s survey, more homeowners are also adding built-ins, including specialty drawers, organizers and trays. Homeowners want creative and practical ways to store items like spices and cookie sheets. 

Can You Ever Have Too Much Kitchen Storage?

If your goal is to have an organized, well-functioning kitchen, it makes sense to focus on storage. A place for everything and everything in its place, right? Storage opens up countertop space and keeps your kitchen looking orderly.

Generally, the more you cook at home, the more storage space you’ll need.

But having a place for everything doesn’t always have to translate to more cabinets. Creative solutions, like open shelving, strategic in-built shelves and hanging pot racks, can also keep a kitchen organized without eating up all of your wall space.

Pantries also provide much-needed space to store more than just food items, like small appliances and items that are used less often.

As the pandemic set in and more people started eating at home, we started seeing more homeowners invest in second freezers and even repurposing existing furniture, like china cabinets, for use in the kitchen as storage. Closets are also being transformed into pantries. 

Why Kitchen Storage is Important

If your family doesn’t do a whole lot of cooking or baking at home, then storage may not seem like an important thing. But if you’re one of the many families that are now spending more time in the kitchen, you can quickly see how much space you truly need to store your essentials.

Pots, pans, slow cookers and other small appliances all take up quite a bit of space. Without enough cabinet space, these items wind up cluttering countertops and making kitchens less functional. 

Kitchen storage is important because it:

  • Makes all of your most essential items easily accessible

  • Keeps your countertops free and clear of clutter

  • Makes it easy to find everything you need

  • May improve the value of your home

Storage is one of the biggest trends in kitchen design for 2021, and it’s a trend that may stick around for a while, as more people continue to cook at home. The trick is to be smart and creative about your storage solution. Think outside the cabinet.

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