How To Find That Great Contractor

Dated: 12/09/2017

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How do You Find a Good Contractor?

Seems like the toughest question for a lot of people fixing up their homes. I have worked with all kinds of contractors on various house-type projects large and small for over 20 years so I want to help those who feel uneasy about the process. Even though companies like Angies List, Home Advisor and a bunch of other internet based list companies seem to instill a basic level of confidence when choosing, I have found they are not the bestbet. Contractors have to pay to be a part of those list companies so it raises overhead and the provider has to recoup the money somehow by charging more for the job. So if money is not an issue, you can go with one of the "guaranteed provider" outfits but there are never really guarantees, right? For most, finding good value for the money is important. My absolute best way to find quality people is to keep my eyes and ears open in the neighborhood. There is always something going on, work being done. Ask your neighbors, family and friends for their people. Find out who they use, how much work they have done, price paid, etc. Once you have that trust and a good job for a good price is completed, treat that contact like gold, keep in touch with them and call them with some smaller jobs to keep your name on the radar. The quieter contractors who are referred to people by word of mouth provide the best value for the money, are usually smaller and overall, I have found, do a far better job. Good luck on your next project! Hope this is helpful.

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