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Each Week I will be adding Bio's of some of the vendors I work with and Recommend.

Today's Recommended Vendor is Cindy Ward, For all your Health Insurance needs:

Cindy Ward



A native Texan, Cindy Wardgrew up in the small town of Hereford, Texas.  A graduate of TrinityUniversity in San Antonio, Texaswith a B.A. in 1973, her first career was in the food service industry, whereafter many years she taught waiter and waitress training for the TexasRestaurant Association.  That career wasfollowed by many years as a legal secretary, including government service in Washington, DC.  From 1999 to 2009, Cindy was the primarycaregiver for her parents, who were both diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. 


She spent many years in thelong term care insurance field, and is now specializing in the Medicare andsenior insurance industry.  She serves asan advisor who assists her clients as they seek the right coverage for thistime in their lives, particularly during this historic time of change ininsurance in the US.   Medicare can bequite complex and it has its own set of rules. Making the right choices at the right time is critical!


2025 Lexington Place

Bedford, TX  76022


[email protected]

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