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Dated: 04/27/2017

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March 2017 Monthly Market Reports from TAR
Argyle 03117_8005_Argyle_LocalMarketArea
Carrollton 03117_8005_Carrollton_LocalMarketArea
Corinth 03117_8005_Corinth_LocalMarketArea
Denton 03117_8005_Denton_LocalMarketArea
Denton County 03117_8005_DentonCounty_County
Double Oak 03117_8005_DoubleOak_LocalMarketArea
Flower Mound 03117_8005_FlowerMound_LocalMarketArea
Frisco 03117_8005_Frisco_LocalMarketArea
Hickory Creek 03117_8005_HickoryCreek_LocalMarketArea
Highland Village 03117_8005_HighlandVillage_LocalMarketArea
Lantana 03117_8005_Lantana_LocalMarketArea
Lewisville 03117_8005_Lewisville_LocalMarketArea
McKinney 03117_7915_McKinney_LocalMarketArea
The Colony 03117_8005_TheColony_LocalMarketArea

February 2017 Monthly Market Reports from TAR
Argyle 021178005ArgyleLocalMarketArea.pdf
Carrollton 021178005CarrolltonLocalMarketArea.pdf
Corinth 021178005CorinthLocalMarketArea.pdf
Denton 021178005DentonLocalMarketArea.pdf
Denton County 021178005DentonCountyCounty.pdf
Double Oak 021178005DoubleOakLocalMarketArea.pdf
Flower Mound 021178005FlowerMoundLocalMarketArea.pdf
Frisco 021178005FriscoLocalMarketArea.pdf
Hickory Creek 021178005HickoryCreekLocalMarketArea.pdf
Highland Village 021178005HighlandVillageLocalMarketArea.pdf
Lantana 021178005LantanaLocalMarketArea.pdf
Lewisville 021178005LewisvilleLocalMarketArea.pdf
McKinney 021177915McKinneyLocalMarketArea.pdf
The Colony 021178005TheColonyLocalMarketArea.pdf

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