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Dated: 09/11/2016

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It is hard to believe that fifteen years have gone by since we experienced the horror of that Tuesday morning in New York City. On today's anniversary of those attacks, please take a second to reflect and remember those brave individuals whose lives were lost in terror and those who rushed to the aid of others that dark morning.  I vividly remember being at work early that morning and watching the news reports on CNBC as the nation sat watching the events unfold. I want to thank our first responders and military for their service to our country. I also wish to send a moment of comfort and prayer to the families of those who lost loved ones that day. Fifteen years can come and go quite quickly, and our lives can be cut short in an instant. If you are unhappy with where you life is, please take action to improve it and do something better with it. Do something more to leave a positive mark on our world. Let's face it: While many have become divided over religion, politics, the color of our skin, or our sexual preference, we still call America home. I sincerely hope that we can narrow that gap over  the next fifteen years, and come together as a strong, united nation instead of being divided over trivial issues. Be thankful for the time that you have and those individuals who perform the jobs that many can't or refuse to perform to make our homes and neighborhoods safe. May God bless you and your families this September 11th!

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