Rhinestones And Real Estate Why Did The Real Estate Agent Cross The Road

Dated: 10/27/2016

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Welcome to my first ever Blog....I am so excited to get started.I have to say I been thinking about doing this blog for sometime. I love to talk about Real Estate, Community activities, Shoes, Fashion and all things that sparkle...did I mention SHOES lol..Hence the name of the Blog "Rhinestones and Real Estate" This will be fun and educational covering all types of topics. I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to comment.

Back in May of this year we made a decision to change real estate companies. I never knew what an impact that would being both personally and Professionally. But, let me back up a bit to where it all began: It was the end of February when my team lead Sherri approached me about a company called eXp she wanted me to sit down and talk with someone about the company. I remember looking at her and saying who? What company?I Wasn't open about it, in fact I blew her off for about a month and if you know Sherri that’s no easy task lol. After she beat me down I told her I would finally listen to the presentation. (My husband also told me to go in with an open mind about it and really listen because he knows if I am not into something my ears shut down.) So the day came I told her I would hear what he has to say but I am never changing companies. What is it that people say...NEVER say NEVER.  As I listened to this presentation and asked questions, my mind went back to a discussion that I had with Sherri and my husband about retirement... (Believe me when I say I LOVE what I do, but I don't want to be showing clients houses when I am 65.)  What that looked like and how much we really need to retire and actually have an exit plan out of Real Estate and to be honest it scared me. As I learned more about eXp I realized I was looking at a plan in front of me. I got really excited my High I was on alert. As we left I couldn't wait to get home and share the news with my husband. Once I showed him the presentation we said this is a no brainer. I called Sherri and told her I was on board.

The fear took over: once I realized I was going to leave my present company that I had been at for 13 years and only ever known I was scared how people were going to react would they think I was crazy, would I still get referrals and frankly would people still stay in my life. Well I was quickly brought back into reality when I was told not only by my husband but by others that it doesn't really matter who your with people like you for you and if they stopped talking to you they weren't friends to begin with.  Well that's true I thought but I was still scared but lets see how it goes. Before we announced it, I told Sherri there were people that I needed to call and tell in person at an upcoming event.

Once we had told some people we went to Facebook to make the announcement. Once we hit post I got an anxious feeling but soon realized it was going to be ok. People were happy and only wanted the best for me and our team. The moral of this post: when it comes to Real Estate it's personal..yes it's a business but people want to work with you. If you are a Kick Butt agent and you do good by your clients and they refer you business...they send those people to you, because of you. Not who your broker is. Lets face it we all have to look out for ourselves and our families and do what is right. No one can or should do that for you. In the long run its your life, your happiness and your pocket book.

I feel Blessed for ALL the great people in my life who do support and care about me and especially the ones who work with me.  I am extremely excited to have found my new company eXp that's Agent Owned,Technology driven and provides great education, culture and camaraderie...but Most important a Retirement and Exit Strategy which thankfully is already paying off.

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