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Dated: 10/05/2016

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Selling your house can be the most daunting and stressful thing to do.  Even in a booming real estate market, some houses just won’t sell. We’re here when you need to sell your home fast.

While some people sell their homes out of their will, others are forced by various circumstances. No matter your situation, we’d like to buy your house.

Some of the reasons that make most people come to us include:

  • The need to relocate in case you need to move or change your job

  • Disposing of inherited property

  • Selling as a result of relationship breakup or divorce

  • Circumventing repossession, clearing debts or sorting out financial problems

  • Moving due to health conditions or age

  • Structural issues

  •       Undesirable neighborhoods

We’ve bought 100’s of houses, and we’ll purchase yours. If you’re not satisfied with your home, or you have an urgent need for cash, then we are just a call away. 


Here are some of the advantages of Selling Your Home Fast for Cash. 

1. Fair Fast Cash Offers

Since we’re local home investors, we know the DFW real estate market.  We leverage that knowledge to present a Fast Cash Offer on your home.

2. Avoid Showing Your Houses to Strangers

We conduct only one home visit, we strive to not interfere with your privacy like other cash for houses companies.

So, no more endless house showings before an offer comes in. You also don’t have to put up with the ‘For Sale’ or ‘Sold’ boards in your yard because you won’t need to.

3. Avoid Expensive Home Updates

Some people spend tons of money trying to renovate their home in an attempt to add to its value. We help you avoid the costly home repairs by purchasing it ‘As-Is.’

We help you save the time and money you would have used to make necessary costly repairs or major updating to your home to get it ready to sell. We also give you a piece of mind because we eliminate the buyer mortgage contingency for you.

4. Fast closing

Selling your home through a top company like ours is not reliant on approved financing or appraised values. We bypass all these steps so that we can extensively expedite the cash transaction.

5. Years of Home Buying Experience

Since we understand all the possible issues that may arise during the process of selling your house, our team is always prepared to solve these problems to guarantee you a smooth transaction.

Some people come to us without the slightest idea of how to sell their house for cash. We, therefore, offer tips and advice on the whole procedure based on our many years of paying cash for homes.

Simple Process of What to Expect... 
Here is a Simple Breakdown of the Process... 

- Submit Your Information and We'll Contact you Within 24 Hours to Schedule an On-Site Evaluation, 

  Sometimes Within the Hour
 - After the Evaluation of Your House, We'll Make You an "All CA$H" Offer
- Once We Agree on Price & Terms We'll Draft the Agreements and Handle All of the Paperwork 
 - After All Parties Sign the Agreements We'll Send all Documents to Our Reputable Title Company to 

   Open Escrow and Begin a Title Search 
 - We then will Schedule Times That Are Convenient For You to Allow Us to Perform Our Standard 

   Due Diligence on the Property 
 - Once the Title Company Provides us with a Clear Title & Commitment (usually takes a week or two) 

   We'll Set a Closing Date of Your Choice 
 - At the Closing Table, You'll Sign All the Necessary Closing Documents and Will Receive Your CA$H the Same Day

Contact us directly anytime: 972.885.9888

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