Vickie Weekly Wednesday 12th October 2016

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Vickie's Weekly Wednesday!

My sisters & I studied very hardknowing education and learning opens doors of opportunities. One ofmy sister and I became qualified teachers, the little sister became adoctor. All of a sudden the rich and the educated didn't scare me. Adulthood welcomed me into a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. Now mythought of rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer resurfaced. I always wondered how do I cross the fence to the rich side? Iwasn't looking to be a millionaire. I just wanted a little savingsfor rainy days, some time off to spend with family and possibly onesmall vacation a year. Is that too much to ask? Isn't that thedreams of many people?

I was always looking for opportunitiesto build this lifestyle along with a job that paid our basic needs.How can you survive with a job, right? After moving a few times withmy husband's work, I became a real estate agent in Ottawa Canada. Ienjoyed it so much. I was so passionate, not because I was makingmoney but I was meeting many new people in all walks of life. I wastheir first new friend when they moved from another place. I was ableto give back by helping them become a part of their new community. Life was wonderful. I was not rich but definitely not paycheck topaycheck. Do you admire the life of a Realtor? Do you think theymake easy money doing nothing? I hear that a lot. I challenge youto become a Realtor or join me on my journey for a week and you willbe enlightened.

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Vickie Kan

Vickie Kandasamy, a qualified teacher, worked many years in the school system before entering into real estate in 2008. Friendliness, patience and persistent hard work are some of her best qualities a....

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