When It Comes To Houses Trust Your Gut

Dated: 04/11/2017

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People refer to a "gut" feeling about a lot of things.  Often it's a person you have a good or bad feeling about, but you really don't know why.  There is no mystery about gut feelings.  It is the most powerful computer in the world processing  everything you have ever seen, heard, felt, said, liked or disliked, and cranking it out in one report for you to use.  Your collective unconcsious is that computer.  It's your brain's way of telling you to "relax, I got this."  

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Matt Selley says: "The deep recesses of the mind are the domain of the unconscious. It is the storehouse and infrastructure to our personalities; our opinions, values, ethics and morals all stemming from this single place. Since our very first breath the unconscious has been busy soaking in the information contained within our environment like a sponge absorbs a liquid, to build a picture of the reality we find ourselves in. This process continues throughout our lifetime, only stopping with our last breath."  

It can actually make life a lot easier when we trust our gut and avoid the conscious mind's need for control.  We have all sat up and said, "now wait a minute, let me analyze this carefully," only to get ourselves locked into "Analysys Paralysis" where consciously we are really just trying to talk ourselves out of a decision.  

One thing I like to make sure of with my clients is being ready to buy or ready to lease.  This means you know your budget, what you have been approved for, how much you can afford for a down pament, when you can move, general area and size of home, bedrooms, and any other specifics.  This removes the roadblocks that exist and leaves the brain clear to give you green light when you "feel it in your gut" and discover the perfect house.  

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